Mobile Response Team

The Mobile Response Team (MRT) will provide immediate, on-site behavioral health crisis intervention services to individuals of all ages in Miami-Dade County.

MRTs will:

  • Respond within 60 minutes to a call where crisis is occurring
  • Triage calls 24/7 to connect individuals with care and services

(800) 435-7968 - AVAILABLE 24/7

Mobile Response Services encompass an array of crisis interventions, including:

  • Development of safety or crisis plans
  • Providing or facilitating stabilization services
  • Supportive crisis counseling
  • Referral and linkage to appropriate resources


  • Are experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis
  • Are experiencing escalating emotional or reactions and symptoms that  impact their ability to function
  • Are served by the child welfare system and/or are experiencing or at high risk of placement instability